Paris Food Recs

We all love food and christ there are lots of great + cheap places to eat in Paris. Here’s my list of recommendations I usually give out to my friends that are heading there, please enjoy!

This was one of three visits in three days.

1) Au P’tit Grec – Cash only galette and crepe shop and holy shit they’re HUGE. Everything is so cheap it’s ridiculous. Don’t feel guilty for going multiple times a day or multiple days in a row. Also there are super cute shops and restaurants up and down this street, so peruse around!

UNREAL. Crepes = sweet, galletes = savory (made with buckwheat flour!).

2) Gelati d’Alberto – I’d say best gelato in Paris, the man who owns it is so sweet and has won awards for his shop. They serve it to you as little flowers on cones. It’s so cute.

3) L’as du Fallafel – Omfg best and largest falafel in a huge pita in the Jewish district. Worth the wait, it’ll be a HUGE line, it’s cash only so make sure you have some euros !!!

4) Mel, Mich & Martin – quirky coffee shop/restaurant with good food. A mish-mosh of furniture thrown together inside, very eclectic and artsy. Kind of quiet but it’s a nice place to sit and do work or go with a friend and relax.

5) Le Carmen  Great cocktail bar with almost too many different kinds of infused gins. Even good to go earlier in the evening once they open and chill with your friends, you walk in and it looks like an old church or huge mansion with crazy tall ceilings. Cozy atmosphere and good music.

6) Galeries Lafayette (Gourmet) – The galleries are all on one street corner, you can walk between the main store (women’s + accessories), men’s, and food but I would HIGHLY recommend going to the gourmet building and walking through around lunch time/early afternoon because people will shove free food samples down your throat (save that money). Go up to the little stands inside like Ladurée or Pierre Hermé for macarons because they will most likely have a very peppy lady randomly handing you chocolate samples. (See photos below it’s absurd.)

7) Shakespeare & Co Bookshop – Cute little place to go and peruse. Go upstairs, see if you can meet the kitty cat. There’s also a cafe attached to it if you’re hungry!

8) Ladurée – The one by the Champs Elysées is busy but fun to go to! They’re known for their macarons but you can do afternoon tea and get real food here, too.

BONUS if you’re looking for museums, hit up the Musée d’Orsay (CLOSED ON MONDAYS) instead of the Louvre (you’re gonna get lost), and head to l’Orangerie for Monet’s water lilies. And if you have time for a quick trip out of the city center – an afternoon or day trip – Versailles is one of my faves and you can pack a picnic, eat it back by the fountains then galavant around Marie Antoinette’s gardens and pretend you’re a fairy prince/princess.

Bon voyage et j'espère que tu manges toute la nourriture !

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