Hello anonymous reader that I wish I knew (or maybe I do know you because you’re friends or family?)! You’re probably really cool. And I would love to get to know you. But I guess I’ll have to introduce myself first since you’re here checking me out right now, then it’ll be your turn:

Hi my name is Liz, I’m chillin’ in Colorado, galavanting and exploring. I studied American Sign Language (ASL), Linguistics, and International Relations in college. I come from a village of under 5,000 people in Mid-Michigan then thought upstate New York would be best for undergrad so it’s safe to assume that I know what winter is (oof). Food is my friend and sometimes I get into really healthy kicks and workout and do fun things but life, man. Painting and crafting and everything up that alley fill my free time when there is any, plus lots of hikes and outdoorsy things (when it’s warm out) now that I live in CO. Oh, and I don’t really know what I’m ‘doing’ in life in the sense that I am not currently on a track for X career or anything and we’re out here livin’. Except that I’ll probably end up opening my own cupcake and bake shop in some foreign country later on in life. Help.

This me

So you’re probably wondering, “Why the heck is this girl starting a blog? She seems weird already.”

Funny you say that because I was thinking the same thing, but I mean you never know unless you try! I’m hoping to blog about my travel experiences, food endeavors (of course), college, life, art, the world at large, my goals, show you guys (whoever you may be) some of the things I do, discuss some ideas I might have, and so much more! So ladies and gentlemen, please buckle your seat belts, stow your belongings under the seat in front of you and lock your tray table in up-right position.

I’ve done lots of random things like study abroad in Poland for six months, studied French Sign Language (LSF) in France, then later moved to France to teach English in Rennes, Bretagne (the west west part of France), somehow made moving to Colorado work even though I didn’t have a job, started my own art business, was a full on over-achiever in college, and a goodie two-shoes (0% joke here) growing up. This world is full of really awesome people that I have been lucky enough to cross paths with as time goes on, and so much has happened in life lately—so this is my place to talk about everything!

Forewarning that if I post pictures of myself: 50% will be the really awkward/funny pictures of me stuffing my face full of food (which there is an abundance of for some reason) or maybe falling over or something of that nature, and 50% will be the ones of my good side because it’s my blog and I can cry if I want to. If there are videos, chances are that they all last for 10 seconds or less because Snapchat is one of my main forms of communication with my friends and I save everything. Now you know.

Please enjoy this photo collage of me eating and existing in different places when I first started this blog in 2015:

Now please enjoy this photo collage of me existing and doing who knows what over the last few months in 2019:

What else what else… Oh, I live life for the sauces. Food is just a vehicle for sauce, and it’s a big part of my life. I would like to think it’s affected me in some way. This is weird that I’m talking about this here. I’ll stop now and continue this food rant in a later post maybe. Who knows, there are no rules here.

BLOG GOAL: To have one whole blog post written in Polish by the time my semester abroad is done *tears start falling on the keyboard as I type this*. Now you know. Ah jokes. Moment of silence for my Polish skills as they once were. *This never happened.*

Wow thank you for reading all of this! That’s so kind of you, I didn’t even post a TL;DR because I have no idea how to sum myself up. OH WAIT

TL;DR – I’m a very excited human. Here’s a blog about my life, I guess.

3 thoughts on “About

  1. It’s me again, great blog. Quality. Here we are four years later is that right???? Wow. Internet is crazy. It’s like a time capsule that we didn’t even have to bury anywhere. That’s almost as long a period of time as the length of time i spent on a train today. Should i have a blog? Anyway, tldr, great blog, good thoughts, would recommend. Looking forward to future endeavors. Lots of love, Sophie
    Ps. When are we going to FaceTime


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