Podcast 4: Rosetta Hall (ft. Sabina)

In this episode, Sabina learns that I do post my voice recordings as podcasts while recording in one of the cabana’s on the roof of Rosetta Food Hall. We discuss dating/having our shit together, lots of food recs, and where to get the best fries. Always talking about food. (Recorded 11/9/2019.)

Listen here!

Please enjoy these other photos of the food hall. There’s a whole section on the ground floor with multiple little food stalls, a big bar, open seating, and the roof, it’s pretty cute (people are vultures with the seats though so you might have to stake it out a bit).

Please enjoy the only pic Sabina and I got of us sweating in the 75ºF weather (2 days before it snowed again) while we recorded this lol. BAI!

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